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Transistor Radio R.I.P., goodbye SALTO.

After 18 years of broadcasting for Salto, Amsterdam’s local radio station, last night 3 of the 4 remaining resident Transistor Radio dj’s decided to quit working with Salto. The reason is mainly Salto’s ongoing incompetence and a complete loss of confidence in their staff. DJ Groovalax remains but still has to think it over if he wants to continue with his More Funk radioshow…
TransistorFunk radio will continue publishing on Mixcloud and will start focussing on broadcasting live gigs on various social media.

3 Replies to “Transistor Radio R.I.P., goodbye SALTO.”

  1. Pablo

    Mmm, I heard about the incompetence of Salto staff before, espescially recently, sad, you are my favourite radio show alltime! Please keep me posted about future events and radio shows, Pablo

    1. Sjaakedelica

      Hi Pablo, nice to hear from you, thanks and will keep you posted, cheers!

  2. Sjaakedelica

    Salto is FUNKLESS from now on… DJ Groovalax also decided to throw in the towel.


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